Post-Olympics: China sinks even lower…

One would think that after all of China’s problems (such as tainted pet food, toys with excessive amounts of lead, all sorts of defective products, all sorts of counterfeit products, having a girl lip-sync during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, and using underage gymnasts at the Olympics) that China would be very careful not to have any more scandals and cause even more damage to their reputation.

Of course, China just sank even lower. Several infants have died and thousands more have been sickened by powdered baby milk and liquid milk that had a chemical added by scumbags in order to pass quality checks. I wonder when their government will realize that at the rate things are going, all countries will refuse to buy anything made in China.

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4 Responses

  1. We need to write our Congress and get China food products and raw ingredients banned from importation to the US, complete ban on it. They have no scruples, none.

  2. Oh my God, I heard a tidbit this morning on the news but I did not hear enough to even be sure I had heard it right. So I just read the link you gave, (thank you) and I cannot even believe I read this right. How sad, How horrible and how sooo F——inhumane. Absolutely blows my mind what people will do when they worship the green paper god!
    Wow. I will be watching my 5 and 6:P.M. news tonight

  3. @Grandma: Good thinking, but unfortunately much easier said than done…

  4. @Allison:

    It was reported in another article that the reason that this was added was to make it look like it had more protein. Why the f**k would you add a chemical that is known to cause death (it’s the same one used in the pet food) just to appear that it has more protein?????

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