Females’ clothing

You can sometimes tell something about a person by the type of question that he or she asks. There is a question on Yahoo ! Answers where a girl (woman?) is asking:

How do i make my skirt shorter?

No i don’t want to be a slut. it’s knee length on me so when i wear the shirt i want to wear, it looks unsual.
I’m short so that’s the reason why it’s long on me (it’s suppose to be a mini)
How can i make my skirt an inch shorter without cutting it?
should i fold it on top? the shirt is a babydoll so it’s flowy and you can’t see it.

It is apparent from the question that she is not a slut, as all sluts already know how to do this…  Seriously, I’m kind of surprised that this question does not come up more often, as girls/women have really weird clothing sizes (e.g. 0, 2, 4, etc.), unlike men whose pants have an waist size as well as an inseam (e.g. 34/29). I wonder who the idiot was who came up with the womens’ size classification…

CLARIFICATION 9/16: The main point was not supposed to be whether she is a slut, but that I was kind of surprised that she didn’t know how to shorten her skirt since (I think) women’s clothing have to be altered most of the time due to the crazy sizing system.

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11 Responses

  1. I could not agree with you more about the size of woman’s clothing. Being thin my whole life, It is always assumed in the industry that I also need to be short. Any time I go to buy pants in woman’s section I may get a great fit in the waist, but the length comes to my knees. So for me it’s Levi’s 501’s button fly. And that’s just the way I like it. The idiot who does the designing of woman’s clothing is a big part of why our female children these day’s get anorexia, or bulimia because one year they are a size 0 and the next they are a 4 and nothing has changed except the size of the pants, and these poor girls think they are getting fat when they really aren’t doing anything except paying out huge sums of money for clothing and wrecking their health, trying to be like these girls/women they are forced to look at on T.V., Mags, and the such, while some S.O.B. is padding his pockets. Ooooh I could really go on here. I think someone somewhere knew it was best for me to have all male children!

  2. I thought it was going the other way around – size 0 is really last year’s 2 because everyone wants to be a size 0. I wonder why no one has suggested revamping the womens’ size system to be like the mens’…

  3. So what were you able to tell about this woman from her question???

  4. Yeah, I kind of rambled here. I was commenting that sluts (presumably) already know how to shorten their skirts.

    I really meant to say that I was a litle surprised that she didn’t know how to shorten it, since due to the weird size system for women’s clothes, I’m guessing that lots of it has to be altered.

  5. Yeah clothing in general is confusing as hell. I was trying to help my bf find a nice shirt. Those have some strange sizing that I had no idea about.

    Possibly the reason why I hate shopping so much. It’s too damn confusing!

  6. And honestly when I read her question I thought she sounded like a dumbass. Maybe it’s the wording. Maybe I’m a beotch. 😉

  7. @pegleg:

    Really? Men’s shirts are usually easy. Shirts either come in S/M/L/XL/XXL (which are usually pretty standardized, e.g. a L would probably be 42″ chest and 34″ length (I don’t quite remember how to measure it), or something like 16.5″ (neck size)/34″ (length).

    That’s much better than womens’ clothing. I’ve heard women complain that tops would fit everywhere except in one place, so if they bought tops to fit that one place, they’d have other problems.

    If I recall correctly, in one of your older posts, you’ve had this problem.

    Another thing I just noticed: She has a funny definition of miniskirt, as her definition has the hem one inch above the knees…

  8. It was the dress shirts that confused me. If I remember correctly, the sizes were like 16/17 or something wierd. I think that women just have a harder time in general shopping for clothes because they have shapes (aka boobs and hips). Men are, for the most part, shaped like rulers. Straight up and down.

    One of my main problems is finding shirts that fit across the back. Like when I try on a jacket or dress shirt and then try to cross my arms it feels like I’m going to Hulk right out of the shirt.

    And yes, I would think that a mini skirt would be way more then 2 inches above the kneee…then again, I don’t own any mini skirts. 😉

  9. Yes, I noticed that women have curves…I may be blind, but I’m not THAT blind – LOL!

    It would really cool to see your Hulk impression – do you also wear purple pants? 🙂

  10. Yep, You are right, I said that ass backwards.

  11. And to clarify…only rich women have their clothes altered! 😉 The regular woman just deals with it.

    And although I can do a damn good Hulk impression I prefer to keep purple pants out of my wardrobe.


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