Soccer game #2

My friend S. (the head coach) has very wisely assigned different players to himself and myself each week, so I had a different group of players than I had last week. I had C, Je, Jo, and V this week. (Last week I had C, D, Je, and S.)

Before the game, the league’s official photographer took a team picture and individual pictures of the players. When one of the players posed for his individual photo, his dad told to smile like he does when he does something wrong. LOL!

This week we had the game at 1:30, as opposed to 9:30 last week. Obviously the temperature would be higher, so we might see more tired kids.

One funny thing happened before the game. Some people may remember the Memorex commercials from about 20 years ago, when a cassette (you do remember those, right?) recording of an opera singer shattered glass, These kids (both my squad and S’s squad) were sitting down and screaming like heck. The Memorex commercial popped into my mind, then I thought that if they went any higher, only dogs could hear them. Kids are so funny!

I think practice is definitely paying off. The kids are playing better than last week (though naturally they still like to make big kicks whenever possible.) Unlike last week, I had a full team today, so we were able to substitute. However, Jo is full of energy and didn’t really like sitting out. I’m sure he could play the whole game without any water breaks if he had to.  We outscored them 3-2 (though this is really not important, and we don’t officially keep score.)

Fortunately, there were much fewer shoelaces coming undone during the game than last week, though when Je asked me to tie his shoes, he said “Double knot, please.” I thought that was great, both asking for the double knot and saying “please.” I think his parents have taught him well!

After both squads played their games, the parents made a tunnel for the kids to go through. Apparently the team we were playing today hadn’t seen this before, since their players made multiple trips through the tunnel!

It was a great day. I can’t wait until next Saturday!

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3 Responses

  1. What a fun day. Sounds like you have a great group of kids! 🙂

  2. Yep. I knew that they could scream really LOUD, but I had no idea that they could scream at such a high frequency 🙂

  3. wiggy is a soccer coach yeahhhhhhhh, have fun with em

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