My stainless steel reusable water bottle

At the end of July, I decided to stop using my Nalgene water bottle (which leaked Bisphenol A) and ended up getting a stainless steel bottle.

I think it’s totally awesome. Even if you are somewhat lax about washing the bottle (which of course, I am), the water still tastes really good without any funny taste. I always fill it with really cold water (at home, I put ice cubes in, while I have access to very cold water at work), and I am becoming addicted to it.

The only problem is that it “perspires” with really cold water in it, so I have to use a coaster at home. Otherwise, it is perfect. I may actually get a bigger one in the future. I ride my bicycle on weekends, and this might not be big enough.

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5 Responses

  1. My grandson loves water and I am really guity of filling up all those plastic bottles you get with gatorade or water or whatever and cleaning and refilling them halfway with water than freezing them and filling the rest with water so he could always have cold water “until I started hearing about why not to do it” so yes if you found a great alternative that you like that’s great because we do need our water. Until we find out stainless steel leaches something. LOL!!!

  2. Yeah, we might hear that 10 years from now, similar to how these plastic bottles had been around forever before reports came out that they leached chemicals…

  3. Stainless steel is a great alternative. I like mine too.

  4. If you’re looking for an alternative, less expensive source for high quality stainless steel bottles, visit CynerGreen’s website and their kids website.
    They promote plastic free and completely BPA free water bottles, selling both to individuals and in volume.
    I have one and I really love it.

  5. Thanks. I will check it out.

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