NFL player Chad Ocho Cinco not permitted to wear his name on his jersey

A National Football League (NFL) player, Chad Johnson has recently changed his name to Chad Ocho Cinco. However, the NFL recently informed him that he cannot wear a jersey with his new name until he works out certain details with Reebok, who makes the jerseys sold to fans (and who undoubtedly still has tons of jerseys with his number and old name that will be unsellable.)

What a load of baloney! The article states that this policy only affects players who change their number or name. However, every time a player is traded, the jersey of his old team is no longer current. Is the NFL going to make a team that trades a player pay Reebok to compensate them for their stock of jerseys? If not, the NFL is being rather two-faced.

No wonder people call it the “No Fun League.”

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