Another dumb criminal

If you were going to use a stolen credit card, wouldn’t you use the name of the card holder when signing the receipt? Well, a man in Iowa had other ideas – he signed his own name.  I wonder if he is related to the bank robber who got busted after he handed the teller a note written on one of his deposit slips…

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3 Responses

  1. Bwahahaha!!!! It’s nice they make it so easy to catch them. How courteous 😀

  2. It absolutely amazes me some of these stories. Gosh wouldn’t it be down right embarrassing to go to jail and have to tell your fellow inmates how you are a bank robber but you got caught because your “stick up” note was written on your own deposit slip?
    I have tons of these on my This too shall pass, if you ever want to write about them be my guest!

  3. @anglblshes: Yes, it’s certainly convenient that they are usually really stupid!

    @Allison: If that was me, I certainly wouldn’t tell the truth to the other inmates. I would probably state that it was incredibly bad luck that I got busted.

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