Labor Day weekend trip – Monday 9/1

Since we weren’t going to the US Open today, we got to sleep in…

But before we checked out, I decided to photograph the evidence of my little experiment. I did not use sunscreen at all for the two days (though I was wearing a brimmed hat), so the back of my neck, my arms, and my legs right above my knees (the part where my almost-knee-length shorts didn’t cover) were really red.

Besides revealing that I need a haircut, the picture shows a horizontal line running across my neck. That was due to a modified Personal Media Player (PMP)which the US Open lent free to American Express Card owners, allowing them to watch any match being played. In addition to that PMP line, I of course now have one heck of a watch line. The purpose of my experiment is to see which part of my body returns to normal first (my arms or my neck) and how long it takes…

Once we checked out of the hotel, we went to the Brooklyn Bridge to see the New York City Waterworks exhibit.  (They will only be there until October, so if you are in New York, see them now!)

After that, we drove into Flushing and went to a dim sum restaurant that we had never been to in previous years. The restaurant was packed, which is a very good sign, but there was one oddity. We were seated on a stage (which I guess they use for weddings or something) which did not have ramps for the dim sum carts to go up! So anyone sitting on the stage had to go to the carts instead of having the carts come to them! Despite this, the food was really good, and there were at least 30 people waiting to get in when we left…

After lunch, we walked around for a while, and as we do every Labor Day before my brother and I head off to the airport, we bought  boba tea and drank it while walking around.

That concluded our road trip, as my brother and I got dropped off at the airport for our flights back to our homes.

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7 Responses

  1. I have no idea why, but this post cracked me up. It was just so….hmm…so…NORMAL!!! Not that your other posts aren’t normal.


    No. Seriously it really WAS normal. That’s what I liked about ti. The sunburn, which I just went through after rafting on a lake the other day…without sunscreen, Duh!! And the whole rest of your day’s description was wonderful and so human it could have been a day of mine or anyone’s. That’s what made it endearing, lighthearted and fun. I even saw the white strap mark. Just think a new form of art. You take non-toxic tape and create patterns on the body, sun burn and voila! Instant body art. Who needs tattoos? LOL

    Hope you’re doing well!!
    And that burn is healing.

  2. Sunburned is normal… but do you get sunburned just to see which area of your body is the first to get back to its normal color? 😉 Actually, I sort of fibbed. I forgot to put on sunscreen for a while, then I figured since I’ve already been in the sun for a while, I might as well go all the way and to do this experiment…

    I’ll definitely keep that tape idea in mind if I go to the beach. Great idea!

  3. I liked this entry too, you made the day and sunburn come alive lol

  4. @anglblshes: Thanks!

  5. great post, glad you had a great weekend!!!!

  6. […] addition to this, I may be taking the advice of Robin from Naked in Eden Blog who suggested that while getting sunburned, I should wear tape to create body art when the tape is removed. I was […]

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