Labor Day weekend trip – Friday 8/29

I had a 6 am flight to catch, so I drove to the airport at 4 am. Fortunately, security was really fast (and though you are supposed to take out your bag containing your liquids, I left mine in my carry-on bag and they didn’t notice it…), so I just hung out at the gate waiting for my flight to Phoenix, where I would catch the connecting flight to New York.

Unfortunately, the flight left 30 minutes late, and there was lots of air traffic at NY (when is there ever NOT heavy traffic there?), so I arrived about 50 minutes late. I met my brother and his friends W. and V. there (W. and V. drive up from Boston and pick us up at the airport.)

We drove down to our hotel, which is a few blocks what used to be the World Trade Center. (As an aside, we stay in this hotel every year, and the first year we went was 2001, so we missed 9/11 by about a week.) After we checked in, we took the subway to Chinatown to eat Chinese food. (Sorry about the blurry pics.)

After dinner, we walked around Chinatown for a while, had some ice cream, and got back to our hotel at around 1 a.m.   (correction: 10 pm.)

To be continued…

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4 Responses

  1. Well I am glad your back! I have missed reading your blog everyday. I would LOVE to go to New York. I have always wanted too. I am jealous! I see you posted some others, must go read. PEACE!!!

  2. I hope you get to go to New York someday! It’s completely different than what I’m used to. It’s really fun, though driving there would be a real PITA…

  3. I think we got back to our hotel around 10:30 or 11:00 because we saw the entirety of the Roddick match

  4. Oh yeah, we did see the Roddick match on TV.

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