Assistant coaching of soccer – first team meeting

The first meeting seemed to start on a bad omen. I apparently dropped my Blackberry between my car and the portion of the park where the meeting was being held. I told the coach (my friend, who’s son is on the team) that I had to go look for the phone. I couldn’t find it on the grass anywhere. I said to myself “&*(#! “, as it was only a month old. I decided to go back to my car for one final look, and lo and behold, it had fallen to the floor!

Since I am the assistant coach, I got to sit back and let my friend do the talking about the American Youth Soccer Organization philosophy (open registration, balanced teams, everyone plays, good sportsmanship, and positive coaching) and other details such as parent volunteering for various jobs, including refereeing at “home” games.  I briefly introduced myself (but conveniently “forgot” to mention the reason I’m doing this is to meet some hot soccer moms 😉 – JUST KIDDING!) and then it was time to choose a team name.

The coach allowed the players to suggest names, some of which included Blue Slugs, Golden Slugs (which didn’t really make sense since the uniforms were already known to be blue and white), Blueberries, Stars, Blue Bats, Tidal Wave, Tsunami and some others I don’t remember…. When it came down to a vote, “Stars” won.

Since there were several uniforms of each size, we lined up the kids by size and handed out the uniforms (blue and white jerseys, shorts, and blue socks). Some of the kids wanted a particular number, so they switched with other kids (assuming that the new uniform fit and the parents approved.)

The coach figured that it would be easier to identify everyone if we took pictures of each player and then handed out a sheet with each player’s name and picture. Since I have a digital camera, I took the pictures of all the kids there (after they put on their jerseys.) I will try to get the rest of the pictures done at practice this Thursday.

That basically wrapped up the first team meeting. We’ll see how the first practice (or, as AYSO calls it, “training session”) goes…

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