Coach King Al?

My friend suckered asked me to help him coach his son’s American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) soccer team. This is something that neither of us has done before, so it should be VERY interesting. In order to be a coach, I had to submit an application form with references (an obvious requirement when working with kids), take a general class covering all sorts of topics ranging from the AYSO philosophy to general first aid to liability, take a general coaching class, and take an age-specific coaching class (which I did this morning.)

We are coaching the U6 age group (5-6 years old).

For this age group, there are only 10 players on each team. Games are played 3-on-3 (with no goalkeeper.) Needless to say, the field is much smaller than a regulation field. There are 2 games going on simultaneously, so 6 out of the 10 players will be playing at one time. Also, the local AYSO requires that each player plays at least 3/4 of the game. This is going to require some monitoring. It’s a good thing that my friend and I were both math majors…  But since there are only 3 players per team on the field at the same time, every kid is going to get to do a lot of ball handling. I know that would have delighted me if I had played soccer when I was 5.

Since the kids are so young, the drills are going to have to be disguised as games. I think we are going to have to have a lot of different games to hold their attention.

One of the games mentioned during class today (“Shark and Minnows”) involves kids (the minnows) dribbling balls in a defined area. Then another person (the shark) runs around trying to touch or kick away the ball of one of the minnows. Then the kid whose ball was taken away becomes the shark.

There was another game where the kids practice kicking by trying to hit the coach with the ball. This sounds fun!

Since my friend has lots of experience working with little kids (way back in the Stone Ages…), I’m sure we’ll have a lot of interesting drills/games.

Our first practice is this next Thursday. I am looking forward to it, and hopefully I will have something interesting to blog about!

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7 Responses

  1. I think you’re going to have a lot of fun and I’m proud of you for taking the time to do this 🙂

  2. Enjoy this new venture! I will bet you get a whole lot more out of this experience than you ever imagined. (I mean that in a great way)
    Have fun and enjoy!
    A.K.A. Moon-Writer
    P.S. 5-6 year olds thrive on learning. I can’t think of a better age group to be sooo lucky to work with. I have a 6 year old grandson, and trust me when I say every single thing he does or sees he devours, and it is sooo very awesome to watch and be a part of!

  3. Thanks! I think I’ll definitely learn a lot!

  4. Very admirable of you to coach! It will be a lot of fun and very rewarding. I coached cheerleading for many years so I know the amount of work involved. keep us posted!

  5. Thanks! I’ll definitely blog about it. That way my readers won’t see as many posts about people who I think are idiots…

  6. […] my first soccer game Posted on September 6, 2008 by wigwam2theorem If you have read this post, you may remember that I am helping my friend coach his son’s soccer team (U6, mostly 5 years […]

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