AT&T apparently thinks I am a major job hopper

I just found out that AT&T offers a discount on cell phone service for government employees. So I went to their website to sign up, giving them various bits of information including my work (California Department of Transportation) email address.

I’ve gotten three emails from AT&T in the last week.  If you believe their emails, I am the biggest job hopper on the planet.

The first one states that I am an employee of “Department of Transportation Sponsorship.” Sponsorship??? Well, at least that one is pretty accurate. 

The second one reminds me how many deals I qualify for as an employee of the “ALAMEDA COUNTY GOVERNMENT Company.”  Government Company? LMAO.

The third one states that I am an employee of the “University of California San Fran” (they mean San Francisco.)

I wonder who my next employer will be. Hopefully I will get to settle down soon. All this job hopping is really hard on my back (you know, loading all my stuff into trucks to bring to the next job…)

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2 Responses

  1. So in other words…they REALLY know who you and what you do for a living. I mean they really have an intimate relationship with you and care about your wellbeing. I mean, it could be for REAL, and it might mean that they REALLY REALLY care about YOU….just YOU Al. LMAO!!!

    Funny post! 🙂

  2. If they REALLY REALLY care about me, maybe this would be the least worst time to cancel my contract? 😉

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