Bulletproof bras?

Female police officers in Germany are now required to wear bulletproof bras. The bulletproof bras  were developed because when women were shot wearing a regular bra under their bulletproof vests, the plastic and metal parts of their bras pushed into their flesh, causing injury.

My question is this: If the reason for the new bra is to prevent this type of injury, why is it bulletproof if they are going to be worn under a bulletproof vest? If it is not intended to give additional protection against bullets, I would assume it would be cheaper to make it non-bulletproof. If it is intended to give additional protection, why didn’t they just say so?

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8 Responses

  1. It sounds more like bullet VEST proof bras, not actually bullet resistant in themselves. To protect them from additional bra injury when struck. It makes good sense if being hit was driving the metal fasteners and bits into the skin.

    I wore a bullet proof vest once. Sucker was so dang heavy.

  2. That makes sense. I guess we either have lousy reporting or the police department didn’t communicate effectively…

  3. or both!

  4. I agree that its seems redundant and unnecessary. The other question that comes to mind is how often are they getting pelted with bullets in the first place? Either the bulletproof bra is overkill, especially since they’re not getting hit that much to begin with…OR…they are getting shot at extremely frequently, in which case they should put more money into more important areas than police lingerie.

  5. @RBV: Thanks for visiting. I think anglblshe’s first comment is likely to be correct – the bra simply prevents against the injury caused when the bullet strikes the vest. This seems to simply be sloppy reporting.

    Another point is that if it were bulletproof, wouldn’t it have to be made out of kevlar?

  6. protect the TaTas!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I just read the article. It would have been clearer if they had simply stated that women officers can NOT wear bras with metal or plastic parts in them (which are part of a normal bra — under wire or plastic on the front, metal fastener in back or front, and shoulder strap adjustments). These parts are often forced into the skin or muscle upon a bullet.’s impact upon a bullet proof vest. They also could have just called them padded sports bras, as thats all they are.

    Now, you can tell this was written by a woman!!! LOL

    Hi Al, how are you? 🙂 🙂

  8. I kind of figured your explanation was correct, but you described it so well! Why aren’t you writing for them? 🙂 and where the heck did this writer go to school???

    I’m doing great. Thanks for dropping by!

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