It may become impossible to get an “F” in Dallas public schools

When public schools start in Dallas next week, there will be new rules that were designed to create a “fair system” for grading students. Some of these rules state that:

  • Any student can retake a test that (s)he has failed within 10 days. (For grades 2 and higher, only the higher score is counted. The policy does not explicitly state this for Pre-K through grade 1, but I assume it is the same.)
  • Students have the right to make up missed homework or test after any absence.
  • Homework grades are only counted if they improve the overall grade (emphasis is mine.)

This is ridiculous.  All a student has to do is turn in one homework assignment that gets higher than a zero, then turn in blank homework assignments for the rest of the term, since those don’t count. And if cramming for a test doesn’t work, they can just re-take it.

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8 Responses

  1. Wow. Just wow.

  2. Yeah, one would’ve thought that this was a horrible April Fool’s joke.

  3. why couldn’t my school have done this years ago…

    Kidding…it was probably Bush’s idea.

  4. This absolutely sickens me! Teaches students no need to strive for better. Teaches lack of responsibility in getting homework done , not to mention missing school seems to not be a big factor as one can then make things up later. Soooo
    let’s see … Wednesday I have a huge homework and then test assignment set for Monday morning of the following week, BUT I am also a Rolling Stones fan, and I was lucky enough to get tickets for Saturday night. I have to go get my hair done, I need to get the car washed AND I have to make last minute details with my girlfriends. We have to go shopping, got those clothes to buy ya know! And of course we don’t want to go without manicures etc. And Friday night we got to rest for Saturday night, and of course we have to mend our bodies all day Sunday due to what we put them through Saturday night! So what is our dilemma for Monday morning?
    Figuring out whether we want to go to school and EVEN take that test on Monday! We can stay home and worry about the test later. We do have 10 days Ya know!
    But I don’t think so….
    I want to go bragging about seeing the Stones in Concert on Saturday night and I can fuck up the test because I still have 10 days to take it again Ya Know!!!
    A.K.A. Moon-Writer

  5. @pegleg: It couldn’t be Bush’s idea because he was obviously a product of this system… oh wait, did you mean his dad?

    @Allison: Perfect example of what kids will do? If they also fail the makeup test, do they get to take it a third time?

  6. This is one of the scariest things I’ve heard about education yet and that says a lot! What reason is there now for students or teachers to improve?

  7. And even worse, what’s going to happen when these students go into the real world, where you don’t get “do-overs”?

  8. […] The Dallas Independent School District can’t seem to do anything right. First they make it impossible for a student to fail, and now they have a very serious […]

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