Unbelievable comments on news article

The former chief financial officer for a non-profit organization in San Francisco was charged with embezzling $3.9 million from his organization.

While reading the comments on this story, there is one commenter who is basically defending this guy.

His first comment:

… The guy was using the money to play the markets and his picks went south. If they had panned out, he would have payed the back account back and no one would have been out of pocket. You can chalk it up to bad luck

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous justifications that I have ever seen. Even if that stupid excuse is true, which it certainly is not, he should have heeded the saying “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Next comment:

I wasn’t justifying this mans actions, but just explaining them. There is no comparrison (sic) to what he did and someone who sticks up a bank or commits a armed robbery. No one has been physically or emotionally harmed here. I had a gun put up to my head and robbed for about 50 dollars. That trauma stayed with me a long time, and it wasn’t the trauma of losing fifty dollars. It is evident that this guy got over his head. He probably started with a small amount, lost that and tried to recoup it and on and on. For a moment put your self in his situation and think how he must feel right now,

Um, you were justifying his actions in your first comment. While it is true that embezzling a certain amount of money is not nearly as bad as robbing a bank for the same amount of money, this is $3.9 million!

Who cares what he is feeling now? The only thing he is feeling is shame at being caught.


Don’t judge another man until you have walked a mile in his mocosins (sic). I worked with Greg a few years back in another capacity, and he’s a thoughtful guy.

Who cares if you have walked a thousand miles in his shoes? Unless this organization was the Mafia, there is no acceptable reason for embezzling any money, let alone $3.9 million. The only thinking he was doing was how to get away with this felony.

This commenter must be related to the embezzler. Nobody else could say such stupid things about his crime. Or maybe he is just a troll.


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