Lesson for guys – never hump a steel bench

A man in Hong Kong almost lost his, um, tool, after he decided to hump a steel bench. He stuck his penis in a small hole in the bench, and called the police after he couldn’t get it out (good thing he didn’t forget to bring his cell phone with him…) The emergency team couldn’t get him free, even after removing some of his blood, so they removed the bench and took the whole thing, with the man still attached. They managed to get him free 4 hours later…

Lesson: Whoever said size doesn’t matter is obviously lying…

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4 Responses

  1. That’s definitely one to tell the grandkids about.

    Oh, wait a second…you don’t get grandkids from humping a steel bench…maybe some grandchairs?

  2. you know I know they had small penis’s but those holes are really small gezzzzzzze

  3. @Yoga: I guess that would be the answer to the riddle “What do you get if you cross a man and a bench”?

    @Kat: Yup, that must be why his wife refused to have sex with him, leading him to desperate measures…

  4. Is too busy getting the giggles to post anything that makes sense.


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