Very non-PC / offensive / pointless forum questions

Some questions on Internet forums are so offensive and/or non-PC that they can only be answered one way unless the answerer wants to be the victim of a virtual tar and feathering.

Take this example from

would u work under one? (female boss)

What kind of person, other than a religious fanatic, is going to answer “No” to this question? Is there any point to asking a question where all the answers are going to be the same?

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4 Responses

  1. After reading this I clicked on the link you provided and I believe that DrowseyMonkey answered this person best and now I am laughing hysterically.

  2. Yes, that was a great answer!

  3. ummm you have forgot that there are a zillion of those thread on bc, the stupider the better for the majoirty of those folk on there, and if you try to get a serious thread going, some eyeball comes around and tries to tell ya you are breaking some rule. Or the trolls will come in and ruin the thread or hit the report button fifty million times or just call the owner on the phone and kill the thread.
    Other than that I have no other complaints really

  4. Yes, there are lots of stupid questions on BC, but there are usually several different acceptable answers to those questions

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