“He’s dead, Jim.”

There is actually one scenario where Ensign Ricky might come back alive. If they happened to be fighting the stormtroopers from the original Star Wars trilogy, he might survive. I say “might” because even though the stormtroopers couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn door from 2 feet away, redshirts have an invisible bullseye embedded into their shirts which attracts fire. The question is whether the stormtroopers’ inability to hit anything is more “powerful” than the redshirts’ “ability” to get hit…

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4 Responses

  1. Ahhh, classic Trek question LOL

  2. Yep. Somebody has to bring up the really important questions,,, it was obviously my turn!

  3. I suppose it is entirely beside the point that “Scotty” wore a red shirt. Which seemed odd to me… the only officer in a red shirt without a bullseye.

  4. True, but technically Scotty did die once (killed by Nomad) and almost got killed by Apollo. One could argue that even he had a bullseye.

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