Wildlife officials in Minnesota are idiots

How hard can it be to capture a black bear with a jug stuck over its head? If you’re a Minnesota wildlife official, it’s a lot harder than it looks because they failed to do so in 6 days and ended up killing the bear.

Allison in her “Just My Day” blog expresses what should be everyone’s sentiment very well when she says:

Does this not seem like the biggest crock of shit you have ever heard!!! First to think they followed this bear for 6 days, AND allowed it to suffer and go without eating AND travel (if I read this right) 60 miles in that predictament . But they could not tranquilize it so that the jar can be removed.

But by god some son-of -a -bitch sure was able to kill, no I do not think kill is the right word. I think MURDER is more correct this bear that was doing what it was suppose to be doing and that would be hunt for food.

Unfortunately, this story fails to explain why they couldn’t tranquilize a bear that has a jar stuck over its head.  These idiots are about as good at their job as George W. Bush is at making friends with other countries…

Addendum 7/31: Apparently they didn’t have a tranquilizer gun when they originally tried to trap it, and by the time they got one, the bear had left the park. Umm, shouldn’t these be mandatory when trying to trap a bear?


7 Responses

  1. Thanks!!!!!!!

  2. What a wild story. I’m going to research this story and see if there is any more info on it. If they could shoot it why couldn’t the tranq it?

  3. Thanks to RainforestRobin , I would love to find out more, however I have been unable to. I hope you come back here if you do find out!
    Allison, A.K.A. Moon-Writer
    To King Al
    And again thank you for posting this. I find myself just as pissed off about this as last night, maybe with out quite as many swear words! LOL!!!

  4. Does anyone know of an address to write a letter to these people?

  5. You could try one of the contacts on this webpage: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/contact/index.html

  6. I’ve realized over the years that at least 50% of the people in this country are just plain stupid.

  7. Unfortunately that seems to be true.

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