Pet peeve regarding people who don’t leave messages on voicemail

I am somewhat annoyed when people decide NOT to leave a message on my voicemail AFTER the entire message has played, ensuring that I have a voicemail where the only audible sound is that person hanging up. This wastes a good 15 seconds of my life 😉  If you are not going to leave me a message, kindly hang up before the message has finished playing.

Maybe I should include “If you are not going to leave me a message, hang up NOW!” as part of my outgoing message. Of course, that wouldn’t go over too well at work, but it would be interesting to see the reaction if I put that into my cell phone voicemail message.

(As you may have somehow guessed, this happened to me at work today.)


5 Responses

  1. You seem a tiny bit angry. I am sorry for the aggravation you must feel and so on. 🙂

    But hey, Al, I’ve been without a g’damned computer for 2 freakin weeks. It died on me! I was alright for the first few days then POW! I started sliding further in the deep end of insanity. My wife wanted to stick my ass in an instition. Yeeeeehoooo. Bleh Bleh Bleh- That’s All Folks!

    By the way, I hate that, too when people don’t leave a real g’damn message. What are they? Retarded?

  2. Man, that sucks about your computer! Welcome back 🙂

    Yeah, sometimes I think that in order to operate a phone, you have to sign in blood that you will either leave a real message or hang up before the voicemail message finishes.

  3. Well wiggy I would you a message big boy!
    Hey Kelly how you doing miss ya at the bad ass

  4. I know you would, kat!

  5. I feel your despair. You get all excited that someone actually called you AND left you a voicemail…then…nothing! It’s one of the many let downs in life. 🙂

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