My new ninja name

I have an official ninja name!

According to this official ninja site,

King Al,

From this day forward, your Ninja Burger ninja name will be Katsushiro Katayama -san.

From now on, I expect everybody to call me “King Katayama -sama” 🙂  (

Edit 7/27: Thanks to commenter mividaendigital for pointing out that kings should be referred to as “sama.” )


9 Responses

  1. Does it mean “BeericecreamBoy”?

  2. if your a king your honorable suffix should be -sama not -san

  3. @anglblshes: It does now!

  4. @mividaendigital: Good point!

  5. lol, ^5 🙂

  6. King al wasn’t enough for you wiggy lol, by the way I am the only one who calls you that I see….sweet ,kisses

  7. @kat: On a regular basis, yes you are. I think I may have been called that once or twice elsewhere.

  8. Very cool ninja name!

  9. Cool ninja name. You can find a new name here:

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