Idiotic criminal

When working out at a gym, an off-duty police officer noticed (registration may be required to read the article) that a man chatting with a boy was wearing a GPS ankle monitor like the ones worn by high-risk sex offenders. After identifying himself to gym personnel and making phone call to the Sheriff Department, the man was arrested (since the terms of his parole prohibits contact with juveniles.)  When law enforcement searched his home, they found child pornography.

I’ve always thought that most criminals are idiots (that is a good thing.) If I was prohibited from contacting juveniles, I certainly would not go to a gym, especially with a visible ankle monitor!


4 Responses

  1. Some people are born idiots. But for everyone else it’s a good thing he did that and got caught!

  2. Definitely. I wonder what the average IQ of a criminal is…

  3. This story takes the cake! Was he so stupid that he didn’t think of wearing long sweat pants? unbelievable.

  4. Yeah, that would have been the obvious solution to anyone with at least one brain cell.

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