Pissed off state employees

California, for the zillionth time in the last gazillion years, has failed to adopt a budget by the constitutionally mandated June 15 deadline. As there appears to be no resolution in sight (the Democrats and Republicans are miles apart), the state is running low on money.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Republican) has stated (registration may be required to read article) that he will issue an executive order next week reducing almost all state workers’s salaries to the Federal minimum wage until California adopts a budget. (Mandatory disclaimer: I am a state worker.)

As anyone can imagine, this did not go over well with state workers. There were demonstrations at the state capitol by angry state workers (I was not one of them.)

The state controller John Chiang (Democrat) has flat out stated that he would not comply with the governor’s executive order.  As it is inevitable that the unions representating state workers will sue to block this order and that the governor will try to have the courts force the controller to reduce the paychecks, the end of July and the month of August (and maybe beyond) could be very interesting.

On the lighter side, I was discussing with a co-worker the possibility of making $6.55 per hour (the Federal minimum wage) when our boss walked by and said (jokingly) “If you don’t finish this (project), it could be $0 per hour.”  🙂


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