State law vs Federal law regarding marijuana

A Sacramento area man was sentenced to prison (registration may be required to read article) yesterday for running a cannabis dispensary, which violates the federal Control Substances Act. The man apparently claimed that he thought he was legal because California has a law permitting marijuana use for medicinal purposes.

It is well known that federal law prohibits marijuana use, even for medicinal purposes. Why on earth would he open a dispensary without bothering to check on this?

As a tangent, there have been many similar case in California (and probably other states which legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes.) Why is marijuana illegal while alcohol is legal? Alcohol causes far more damage than marijuana does. I realize that banning alcohol would be impossible (already been tried once, and it would be political suicide), but why not put the same restrictions on marijuana as they have on alcohol? If someone wants to get marijuana, it’s not all that hard to find someone who can get some.


3 Responses

  1. learn to write

  2. Considering that you do not know when to capitalize words or how to end sentences, you’re a fine example of the pot calling the kettle black.

  3. I currently have my own , unbiassed individual experience with smoking bud, and regardless how many times people today say “it’s great for this purpose” and “very good pertaining to that”, I can tell people that it close to ruined my life man! Look, I am aware of there are individuals who are able to merely up and quit, nevertheless there’s a lot of other people who’ve the hardest time trying to quit smoking weed. The root trouble with being hooked on pot would be that the addiction is usually a psychological one, not really physical.

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