A man with a house chooses to live in a shed

An employee of a psychiatric center was caught living in a paint shed on the center’s property, even though he has a house and wife (where he is now living.)

Unfortunately the story does not explain why the man moved into the shed (or how he managed to live there for three years without being caught.) Did his wife kick him out of the house for snoring too loudly? Did they have an argument ending with “Hmph! I’m going to live in the company shed!”?  Inquiring minds want to know.


5 Responses

  1. I’ve been tempted to move into our shed or even the barn when my husband or dog snores (can’t tell the difference between the two!).

  2. LOL, but would you move into a shed off your property, 3 miles away? 🙂

  3. Maybe he just liked the solitude. and fumes.


  4. Obviously hs wife wasn’t missing him much!

  5. She is probably now saying “How the *(^% did my no good husband screw up and get caught? Now I’m stuck with him!”

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