An idiotic way to try to divorce your spouse

An Indian man seeking a divorce brought another woman to impersonate his wife at court. The divorce was granted. Then his real wife found out when she was ordered to leave their home. She has appealed to a higher court and the divorce was suspended.

I’m trying to figure out how this man thought that he could get away with this. If he had bothered to fire up his lone brain cell, he would have realized that when his wife was ordered to leave the house, she would demand to know why she had to leave.


5 Responses

  1. Ha! The court should order HIM to leave now

  2. If he wasn’t before this idiotic stunt, this guy is in a world of trouble now.

  3. Hopefully they make him leave the house and report to his new home in prison.

  4. He might have gotten away with it if he had left, but trying to force her to leave? Yeah, he and his little girlfriend can go to jail now for impersonation in a court house!

  5. Yeah, trying to make her leave was pretty dumb…

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