My switch to a push email (Crackberry) phone

About two weeks ago, my old cell phone died, so I decided to either get a CrackBlackberry Curve (BB) or an iPhone. After trying the iPhone, I decided that I didn’t really like the touch screen that much, so I went with the BB.

The push email feature is what attracted me to the BB, since all my email would be delivered to me instantly. The funny thing is now I find it sort of annoying, since my BB seems to be vibrating every 3 minutes to inform me about incoming email. This could be very useful in convincing people at work that I am more important than I really am….  (though thank god I am not important enough to be required to have a work issued Crackberry.)


12 Responses

  1. This is great. Crackberry – haha, I love it.

  2. Yeah, I finally understand where that nickname came from…

  3. It makes me feel important when by BB vibes every 5 mins. Then I can pull it out, take a look, give a suggestive nod and put it back in the case. People think I’m reading really important stuff.

    🙂 Actually having the email sent to my phone finally pushed me to unsubscribe from all the junk mail that I get.

    ***SO remember when you tagged me like a month ago. I kinda thought I’d be getting an email about it or something, or a singing telegram. Apparently I just have to do it and quit wating for you to personally ask. 🙂 I’ll try to do it this week!

  4. Yeah, appearing to be a big shot is a big advantage of having a BB instead of, say, an iPhone.

    Good idea about unsubscribing to all that crap. I should definitely do that.

    Actually, I don’t know if the “tagger” normally contacts the “Tagee.” It certainly didn’t occur in my case…

  5. Lol- I’m new to this stuff and apparently so are you. I’ll try to do the little thing soon, but unfortunately I have no friends to tag! 🙂

    And yes, we can easily ‘appear’ to be big shots. Keyword: appear!

  6. Btw, did you get the Curve. That’s what I got and I really like it. But-be sure to keep it in the little black case. I had mine just hanging out in my purse and a piece of dirt or whatever got into where the ball is and i had to blow it out so I could use the ball. But-you’re smart, so I’m sure you already know this!


  7. @pegleg

    You’ve got a bunch of people who comment on your blog… surprise them!

    Yes, I got the Curve and I also really like it. I had heard about the trackball issue, so I keep it in its case whenever possible.

  8. I kinda thought I’d be getting an email about it or something, this is a great bocabulary,

  9. I got the Curve and I also really like it. I had heard about the trackball issue, is though of the day.

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