Explanation on my thinking on “Stupid math questions” posts

I finally really annoyed someone with my post on why students ask so many stupid questions on the Internet. (See today’s comment.) I’m surprised it took this long for someone to be really annoyed by my posts on stupid math questions (though there was someone who was less annoyed than this guy by one of my previous posts on stupid math questions.)

My problem is not that they are asking for help on the Internet, but:

1) They never specify what they’ve done so far, leading me to believe that they haven’t even tried the problems yet. This is what annoys  me the most  about these questions.

2) They don’t ask how to start the problems, but rather how to do the problems. They frequently also ask for step by step solutions.

3) They often ask for solutions on several other similar problems (which i don’t bother posting), leading me to believe that they just want someone to do their homework cheat for them.


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