Title IX being applied to science

Many people are aware of the positive effects that Title IX has had on girls’ and womens’ athletics since it became law in 1972 (as often occurs, there are often some negatives, which include the reduction of boys’ and mens’ obscure sports.)

This New York Times article (registration required) reports that the National Science Foundation, NASA, and the Department of Energy are investigating several universities to see if there is evidence of sexual discrimination which would be a violation of Title IX.

This worries me. I am all in favor of women have the same opportunities as men, and Title IX did do a great deal for them (though with a bit of collateral damage), but it was easy to apply Title IX since many (most?) schools and universities were blatant violators when it first became law.

I haven’t had time to google research the evidence, but I think that unless there is clear evidence of discrimination (and I don’t think there is any clear evidence here), the government should keep its paws out of universities’ business.


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