This will get Bush to stop eavesdropping on the American people

As my friend Kelly points out, GWB has been systematically destroying the 4th Amendment (not to mention the rest of the Constitution.)

I just realized that I have a simple solution. I’ll start podcasting this blog and/or distributing MP3 files of each entry. If everyone plays one of the MP3 files every time they use the phone (say, the first three minutes of each conversation), the eavesdropper (assuming there is one) will die of boredom.

The obvious problem will be financing. I have previously commented on the research study that found that pregnant women who don’t eat well risk the long term health of their unborn children. I suggest that they take away money from these bozos and give it to my project.


10 Responses

  1. Damn good plan, King Al. I like it. Makes as much sense as anything the players in Washington can come up with. Or would that be the Big Corporations that influence major decision making there. Certain ones have a stake in the Iraq War and backed/influenced Bush.


    Show it to King BUSHwacker…. Official Screwer of The America People . I’m sure that idiot will give it serious thought.

    Thanks for the link, dude.

  2. Um, when did “serious thought” and “Bush” ever get mentioned in the same sentence??? Well, I guess technically you did call him an idiot in that sentence, so that is acceptable.

  3. Haha. That’s true. No, I was being a sarcastic bastard. Ya ever notice his eyes are so close together, they’re almost crossed?

    Bush…. the coke head, the imbecile, the “little DICKtator”.

  4. LOL. I actually had not noticed that.

  5. Wiggy you are sooooooooo funny, I wanna see the podcast and see/hear you in action you stud muffin

  6. Apparently someone doesn’t, since BC deleted my discussion on this post…

  7. Lol. I like your plan. Another idea is to start out each conversation with a discussion of how to stop global warming. That is a topic he has absolutely no interest in.

  8. Not a bad idea, though I still use an old crappy style phone with no mp3 capabilities. Just have EVERYONE use the word “bomb” as a descriptor about everything 😛 That will tie them up for ages :))

  9. @Robin:

    It’s certainly true that he has no interest, but he’s likely to sic the FBI and/or Homeland Security on you…

  10. @Barry:

    Good idea. They can’t arrest EVERYBODY, can they? 😉

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