One fun bus ride home…

In recent weeks, the bus I ride home has gotten very crowded. I used to be able to get a seat with no problem, but nowadays, it’s standing for me (and today, as in several other days, I was barely able to get onto the bus at all.) The problem is that Yolobus frequently sends a short bus (as opposed to their long bus) even though they know that even the long bus would be standing room only.

Today was a real treat. It was about 105 degrees outside. They sent a short bus and I barely made it onto the bus. There was no air conditioning so I was packed like a sardine and sweating to boot.  Then after the bus got to Davis, it overheated several times. Several people got off before their stop and walked (in the 105 degree heat.) Fortunately, the bus made it all the way to the final stop, which is my stop.

Needless to say, I went and bought an ice cream…


6 Responses

  1. Did it liquify completely in 2 seconds?

  2. No, but a bunch of popsicles I bought a week or two ago liquified on the trip from the store to my house because I stupidly put them in the trunk…

  3. yeah ice cream and popsicles are dicy this time of year ….I keep them upfront with me and the air flowing on em

  4. Just as long as they’re not on your lap…

  5. Aaaah what a great ending…I LOVED it. I was thinking poor you throughout the story, and then I got to the end and was thinking….SMART you!!!! Yeah! LOL 🙂 🙂

  6. Yes, that was the only good part of the story…

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