Proof that people will blog about anything

A few days ago, I referred to Al Bundy (the lead character in the TV show “Married With Children.”  It seems that there is at least one blog that may be scraping posts relating to Al Bundy. (They appear to be posting an excerpt, and I don’t want to do the research to determine if this falls under fair use provisions of copyright law.)

I don’t want to link to the post directly, so if you are interested it is at:

albundy dot morelyrics dot co dot uk/2008/06/28/at-least-al-bundy-wears-clothing-when-sticking-his-hand-down-his-pants/


3 Responses

  1. Please fill me in on what that all means? 😉

  2. Al Bundy is a misogynistic character on the TV show Married with Children (which ran from 1987 to 1997). He apparently has a bunch of fans with blogs devoted to him (such as the one listed at the bottom of the post), which automatically copies (apparently without permission, aka scrapes) contents relating to Al Bundy from blogs all over the world.

    I guess what I’m try to say is why bother stealing worthless content?

  3. lol, ok gotcha. Who knew that Al Bundy had a following. Strange.

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