Health benefits of green tea vs coffee?

Both green tea and coffee can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Somebody should do a study to find out which one is more beneficial. (I have both sides covered – I drink both at work now.)

If funding is needed for this project, I suggest that we pull the money from the team that “discovered” that poor eating habits during pregnancy may be bad for the child’s health.


4 Responses

  1. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Loved the comment about “where” the funding is coming from!!! Great wit! You gotta love it!

  2. Well now I can justify all of the green tea that I drink. I simply cannot function in the morning without it. I switched to tea from coffee.

  3. I love green tea as well, but I still drink coffee too.

  4. This world and human being is created by GOD. This is also truth that GOD create the obstacles and also GOD removes all that. So their is a small different between obstacle and disease. We can take lot of benefits from that like green tea is the gift of god. It is natural medicine for all kind of diseases.

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