Teenager’s stupidity caused his own death

A 17-year old boy lost his hat while riding a roller coaster at Six Flags in Atlanta, so he jumped over two fences to retrieve it, and was decapitated by the roller coaster. This “death by idiocy” should be a strong nominee for a Darwin Award (though there are a lot of other strong nominees.)

This kid is was obviously an idiot, so let’s hope his parents don’t sue Six Flags and prove they’re just as idiotic as the kid.


4 Responses

  1. Oh shit, you goddam beat me to posting this story. I had to post something almost equally amusing. I saw the news about this dumb ass being decapitated and told the wifey, “Six Flags is going to get sued by the parents.” Hey, they figure, they gotta get something out of it, no matter if it was the fault of the son or not. Screw the fact they had signs and fences warning you not to tresspass.

    This is why I hate this insane society. Too much ignorance and greed.

  2. LOL. They should make it a felony to file frivolous lawsuits and make the filer of the frivolous lawsuit pay all the legal expenses.

  3. I worked for center management in a shopping centre, it was unbeleivable what people would resort to just get compensation from the shopping centre… it is a sad world.

  4. So this does not just happen in the United States. Interesting.

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