D*&^ parking spaces

I hate parking spaces that are so narrow that you have to do contortions to get into the car. A few days ago, I was legally parked in a spot, and a SUV was legally parked in the spot next to me. Despite all my contortions, I couldn’t get into my car on the driver’s side, so I had to get in on the passenger side. I wonder what I would’ve done if I was also boxed in on that side…


6 Responses

  1. This is why we need hatchbacks again.

  2. Or a Smart Car…

  3. A woman (who was very drunk) managed to park her car (somehow) leaving less than six inches on the driver’s side of my car. Once I finally was able to get into my car from the passenger side, I was scared to back my car out of the parking space. I finally managed, but I suppose if I had hit her car, I would have been at fault? 😉
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  4. I’ve had that happen too. That’s scary, knowing that you have to do a perfect job backing out to avoid hitting the other car.

  5. I park as far away as possible from anyone so that does not happen to me lol

  6. Unfortunately parking lots are often full 😦

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