People sure are enthusiastic about their tea

After I posted yesterday about starting to drink green tea, the traffic to this blog started to skyrocket. I had 77 view of that post, most of whom probably came from, from where 48 of my views came from. If I follow all the suggestions of people who commented on that post, I’ll have a lifetime supply of tea.


6 Responses

  1. If I talk on my blog on how much I do not like green tea, do you think i might get some traffic too?? lol

  2. I never bought into the green tea craze either until I finally got up the courage to try it to prevent colds. I heard if you drink a cup of green tea as soon as you feel a cold come on, it will go away. I hate having a cold so I figured it was worth a try. I have ALWAYS gotten one cold a year. I haven’t had one now in two years and haven’t gotten the flu shot either. I actually have grown to like it. I buy the lemon flovored type or add milk and sugar.
    Maybe it’s a coincidence or just psychological, but hey , whatever works!

  3. @Prisqua: That’s an idea that might work! Or maybe people will see your comment here and head over to your site… I really have no idea why I got all this traffic.

  4. @mariamichelle: That sounds good. Too bad it’s summer now so I won’t find out if it works against colds until it’s winter.

  5. I’m pretty I saw your post on the WordPress homepage, I think that’s why so many people took notice. Unless everyone else was tag surfing “tea”.

  6. @thegreenkid: That has to be it. Thanks.

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