Hello, McFly!

Hmm… we have someone who claims to have been “using and writing about computers since about 1979” who claims not to understand the concept of blogging. Let me make a few comments…

How on earth do you get the readers ? Why do blogs that seem to be nothing more than impenetrable verbal diarrhoea about absolutely nothing anyone would want to read seem to attract vast numbers of hits ?

If you really have been using computers since 1979,  you must’ve heard of Google… as to the second question, you apparently do not pay attention to the television industry…

So far, many hours of peering at things all over the internet have told me virtually nothing. Why does any sensible information about anything on the internet seem to be so diluted with a barrage of other useless information – ads and zillions of other things making the thing you are looking for invisible or completely confusing on the average page for instance. And the endlessly misleading,. torturously devious, dishonest ‘come-ons’ luring you to look at something which is irrelevant.

Again, you have not been paying attention to the television industry.

I need to see a blog tutorial, explaining the basic facts in normal language, because otherwise I cannot afford to waste any more time doing something that seems spectacularly pointless.

I get it. You have been locked in a dungeon for the last 29 years with your Commodore VIC-20 computer, so you have never seen a blog. Go ahead and enjoy your disco – and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

You’re welcome.


4 Responses

  1. I bet he misses Fidonet.

  2. And his 300 baud modem…

  3. This guy understands very little about blogging or the internet. He needs to go back to the dungeon so no one can hear his verbal diarrhea.

  4. These are the people who make me wish that you need to take an exam to get a license to access the Internet.

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