I made a bad decision after lunch

I went out to lunch with a friend today and ate at a high-carb buffet. High carb meals always make me sleeeeeppppyyyyy…

Right after lunch, a co-worker “persuaded” me to sit in on a meeting that she was attending. This was a “high-level” meeting regarding the conversion of our accounting systems (which has to keep track of local agency transportation projects throughout the state of California) to a new one.

For me, it was really boring (since I have no experience in the multitude of accounting databases our department uses and because I had not attended the previous meeting). Combine this with the fact that I was really full and sleepy….  I definitely shut my eyes for about 5-10 seconds at a time on multiple occasions.

The meeting was supposed to last 1 hour, but it lasted 2 1/2 hours. Fortunately, about halfway through, I “recovered” and did not close my eyes again.

In my defense, if I had known I would be attending this meeting, I would not have eaten so much for lunch…


4 Responses

  1. You should have told one of your co-worker buddies to poke you in the ribs with a really sharp knife. That would have kept you awake.

    You know me. Always trying to help.

  2. Kelly, great advice as always!

  3. Try a cup of tea in meeting like these. Just the right amount of caffeine.

  4. That’s a good idea; unfortunately I didn’t have time to make one. Next time I’ll do that.

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