Too many newspaper readers are idiots

I read the online versions of several major newspapers (mostly in California, but also the Washington Post) that allow readers to make comments. I’ve noticed that whenever the article is reporting bad news (e.g. the budget crisis, violent crime), many readers leave comments that read something like “Illegal immigrants! Deport them all!” without bothering to think about it at all.

For example, illegal immigration is a major problem in California. When people say that the way to solve the state’s $15 billion deficit is to deport all the illegal aliens, they fail to ask even the most basic questions, such as:

  • 1) How are you going to catch them all and how much would that cost?
  • 2) Who is going to do the work? Americans are not going to work for subminimum wage, which leads to:
  • 3) How will the resulting price increases affect the economy?

As another example, any time a violent crime is reported (and for some reason, the race of the suspect is not reported), several idiots immediately conclude that the crime was committed by an illegal immigrant.

And I thought that reading newspapers would educate people…


One Response

  1. too true the questions you asked, shouldn’t we be focusing on stopping illeagal immigration from this point on? Not like we can really do much about it now , and if the one’s here are working paying taxes , and stimulating the economy then leave them be

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