Pet peeve about particular type of workout pants

The person who “invented” women’s workout pants or shorts with words right across the butt should be shot… When I see one, I (like most guys, I think) end up looking at her butt for an excessive period of time because it’s hard to read the word(s) when she’s bouncing up and down on the cardio machine.

Now that I’ve thought about it for an extra 10 seconds, this is a personal inconsistency because I don’t have a problem with women’s shirts with words across the chest. As Mr. Spock from the original Star Trek would say, “Completely illogical.”

Maybe this is because it is much easier to read something at chest level than at butt level?

I wonder what would happen if I called my health insurance company and told them “I need to go to a psychiatrist to determine why I hate reading women’s butts but not their chests.”


10 Responses

  1. I like boobies

  2. Yeah, but bad things tend to happen when you stare at them…

  3. Yes, you can go blind if they smack ya in the face.

  4. This made me laugh out loud. Such an absurd but very real consideration. 🙂 Men or women, I prefer no butt ads. Chest level much nicer and easier on the eyes. Oh gawd, now you have me doing it. LOLOLOLOL

  5. Eye-level. I never would havre believed it. what a preoccupation!

  6. Interesting!

    I just realized that I happen to enjoy staring at men who have Wrangler written on their butt, isn’t that odd? :p

  7. @Kelly, Robin, Jack, and Chelle:

    Hmm… the voting seems to be 4 (myself, Kelly, Robin, and Jack) to 1 (Chelle) in favor of chest advertising.

    Chelle, are you offended?

  8. Maybe you’re just not an A$$ man. LOL. Only kidding!
    Very funny post. Thanks or submitting.

  9. I must not be an A$$ man. There was a thread on Blog Catalog about which female celebrity has the best butt and I stated that I didn’t look at their butts 😉

  10. […] to read, that is the question! Posted on October 2, 2008 by wigwam2theorem A while back, I griped about the workout pants that many women wear that have words printed right across the butt.  […]

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