George Carlin – R.I.P.

Comedian George Carlin died earlier today (Sunday) at the age of 71. I wasn’t too familiar with his comedy work, but I loved his work as Rufus in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.


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  1. I’ll miss George. I got every one of his books, albums and some of his HBO specials. His words, onstage, were honest and most of the time, dead-on-right. You should go to YouTube and see some clips of him onstage to know what I mean.

  2. Good idea. Thanks.

    I realize this looks like I am hawking my other blog but believe it or not, I AM not, this is just something I posted that George Carlin did that I find remarkable. It would be too long to write here. And if people were not a George Carlin fan this post JUST may change your mind!
    I have never been a huge Celebrity buff, but the loss of George Carlin is way up there on my personal list of those “who will be dearly missed” right below John Lennon. Another Great one whom spoke his mind.

  4. Thanks! I read your post. I’ll definitely have to learn more about him.

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