Some people don’t comprehend the concept of “wrong number”

I’ve had the following situation happen to me several times in the last few months. Someone (usually a cute-sounding female) will call asking for, say, Paul. I tell her that she has the wrong number. Several days later, she will call asking for “Paul” again. Once, I even got a third call from that phone number asking for “Paul.”

Hey idiot, do you not know what “wrong number” means? 


4 Responses

  1. I hate when that happens, especially if it’s my cellphone that they keep calling.

    You have to wonder about the mindset of people, who don’t understand that they have the wrong number.

  2. Yeah, it wouldn’t be quite as annoying on a landline – you don’t get billed for receiving calls, and you can slam the receiver!

  3. Next time, do what Chandler did on Friends

  4. Actually, I thought about it, but most of them came from area codes I don’t recognize, and the one I did was 617, which as you well know, is Boston…

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