Yet another upward trend in gas prices

On the way from work every day, I pass by a Chevrons station and I’ve been tracking the price of gas for the last few days.

5/29 $4.299
5/30 $4.359
5/31 $4.399
6/2 $4.399
6/3 $4.499

WTF will this insanity end?

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3 Responses

  1. I’m paying $4.55 in NYC and 75 cents for AIR!!

    But IMHO its a bubble,similar to that in the 1970s, and should begin to end late next year.

  2. **Crude oil prices are about 2 times where they were just 1 year ago.

    **Now, what about the causes? Honestly, can you agree to ANY of the following:
    –Are there 2x as many cars out there?
    –How about gas mileage? Did it decrease by 50% over that time?
    –Are there only 1/2 of the countries in OPEC producing oil now versus 2007?
    –Did 1/2 of the oil fields dry up?
    –Are there 1/2 less oil tankers to move oil?
    –Did 1 out of every 2 oil pipelines close down, break, or be destroyed?
    –Are 2 times more homes heated by oil now?
    –Are there now twice as many companies in the world, producing 2x more G.N.P. for their homeland economies and consuming 2x more oil?


    You know it.

    I know it.

    The world knows it.

    Let’s fix the problem by using the same belief system that created it:


    Here, you will receive:
    1)A more complete explanation of the idea
    2)Thoughts behind the technique of visualization
    3)Action steps to take
    4)News and Video on the Oil and Gas industry.

    Believe. Help yourself. Help the economy. Help your world.

  3. @saraho: $0.75 for air?!? I take it there are no laws regarding how much gas stations can charge for air? (In California, air is required to be free for customers who buy gas.)

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