Stupid math question of the day

Don’t you have to be 13 years old to get a Yahoo account? How do you get to junior high without being able to calculate 3/10 + 5/6 – 1/3?

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3 Responses

  1. if you go to the link where it says 3/10 + 5/6 – 1/30
    the they voted the first answer as the best answer, but it’s wrong, so even the girl that thought her answer was right… I’m sorry but it wasnt…’s how it was soppose to be solved….
    first you take 3/10 + 5/6 and make a common denomenator… so you multiply by 6/6 for the fist one and 10/10 for the second one, then you get…. (18+50)/60 which is 68/60 then you take the last one – 1/3 and make a common denomenator so….. 68/60 -1/3 so you multiply -1/3 by 20/20 in order to get the same denomenator which we have is 60 the final problem is (68 – 20)/60 = >>>48/60<<<< it’s not what she have found!!!!!!

  2. well it’s maybe the same answer, you get 4/5 from 46/60 but the way she solved it wasn’t the right way to do it….

  3. Sorry, but you didn’t write the problem down correctly ;-( The last number is 1/3, not 1/30

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