Interesting statistic about Asian marriage

According to this New York Times article (registration required), in 1994, 59% of American born Asian women married Asian men, but that figure has dropped to 37% (to whenever the latest Census Bureau figures were calculated.) Similarly, for men, the percentage has dropped from 65% to 52%.

It does seem like there are a lot more interracial marriages (involving an Asian) than there were in 1994, but I wonder why that is. In 1994, it was certainly not taboo like it was 30 years ago. Could it be that in 2008, many of the parents of the bride or groom are themselves American born?

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2 Responses

  1. interesting… i also feel that now, asians are more integrated in the american society… i could be wrong, but i think they are more accepted now as a part of the society than 15 years ago… more indian students are going to us universities, hence romances bloom. 15 years ago, very few migrated to the US for education…

  2. Interesting idea. I wonder if they are becoming more independent of their parents, leading to fewer arranged marriages (or is that a popular misconception)?

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