Jury summons day #2

I showed up at 9:30 at court today, as instructed. We waited around until 11:30, when we were sent into the judge’s chambers for jury selection. The judge read off 18 names to form the jury (12) and alternates (6). I was not one of them. We then had a break for lunch.

After lunch, the defense lawyers and prosecutor started asking the jury and alternates questions from the questionnaire we did yesterday in order to eliminate some of them. It’s amazing how little some of them (even the older ones) know – one of them thought that the defense has to prove the defendant’s innocence, another one thought that the burden of proof is on the jury (it is on the prosecutor), and another one at least came close – he said that the level of standard is “beyond all doubt” (it should be “beyond reasonable doubt.”)

They started dismissing people left and right, and finally after about 20 dismissals, my name was called to fill an alternate spot, and a few more names were called to fill other alternate spots. The judge asked me to clarify one of my answers from the questionnaire, and did the same for the other alternates. We were then done for the day, and we have to show up at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

EDIT 5/1: Replaced “rejecting” and “rejections” with “dismissing” and “dismissals.”

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